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Welcome US customers

Exchange Rate

Our website prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).  The Canadian Dollar (CAD) is usually 20-25% lower value than the US Dollar (USD).  We've provided a conversion utility for your convenience but please keep in mind that the rate is constantly changing and your credit card company may charge a little more than the market rate.

Like most of the world, we use the metric system of measurement. This means that we sell fabric by the metre rather than by the yard. One metre of fabric is about 39-1/2 inches (that's almost 10% more than a yard) and the fabric width is typically 42-44 inches (no difference there).

We use USPS economy rate shipping and charge a fee based on our average cost of previous shipments. Shipping to the United States is $26.00 CAD for up to 2 metres plus $2.00 CAD for each additional 2 metres (or fraction thereof).  Kits and other items may require a different calculation, so we will contact you if the calculated rate is unfair to you or to us.

Shop In Person

All federal border testing, quarantine, and isolation requirements ended on October 1, 2022.  You will still need a valid passport at the border crossing. Details are available here.