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Maintenance & Repair

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Home Maintenance

Cover When Not In Use

Most machines come with a cover but you can make one out of something from your stash or use a pillow case.

With Each New Project:

• Change the Needle

A bent or dull needle can result in skipped stitches, broken or looped threads, runs or pulls in your fabric or worst of all, damage to your machine!

• Clean the Bobbin Area

Remove the bobbin case and brush around the bobbin area and under the feed dogs. DO NOT not use compressed air, canned air or your own breath: this introduces moisture into the machine that can corrode metal and electronic parts and will likely push the lint farther into the machine.

• Clean Adhesive Spray Residue

If you have used spray adhesive, remove the needle plate and clean both sides, remove the bobbin case and clean it, the hook and adjacent areas, and clean the embroidery hoop.

• Oil

If your manual instructs you to do so, oil only where indicated with good quality sewing machine oil - never use other lubricants. Machines with drop in bobbins generally do not require oiling by the user. Bernina machines do.


Watch our home sewing machine maintenance video, available on our videos page.